FAVAMOUJ data center, established in 2007, has been heavy attendance at many data centers projects. Data center section consists of different engineering an executing unites as the following:

  • ICT unit
  • Telecommunication and networking unit
  • Architecture unit
  • Electricity unit
  • Mechanic and cooling unit
  • Fire declaration and suppression unit
  • Monitoring and security systems unit
  • Electromagnetic unit
  • Passive connection


  • Research in budget estimation and technical possibility of data center, site selection
  • Consulting, basic design, detail design, preparing technical description, finance ,technical evaluation
  • Planning, project management
  • Design assessment and validation
  • Survey and audit reporting of running site ( installation and used equipment)
  • Methods of data center supporting on the base of TIMS
  • Cooperating to obtain Tier certification
  • Supervising data center constructing

Infrastructure and data center execution

Execution of

  • Physical infrastructure
  • Data centers and container data center
  • Retrofit, resisting, optimizing and building upgrading, server room


CDCS (Certified Data Center Specialist)

CDCP (Certified Data Center Professional)

 BICSI Member

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About FavaMouj

FavaMouj Company (PJS) in providing IT services and communications data network is active.FavaMouj experienced team over the years in numerous national projects in the country has an effective role. FavaMouj mainstream over the years to provide engineering services professional business, And focus on centric research and development has been based on market needs and customer.

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