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Cloud Computing is a computer model that tries to facilitate users' access based on their demand type of information and computing sources. This model tries to meet users need by minimizing human resources, reducing costs and increasing speed of access to information.

Generally, cloud computing users are not owner of the cloud physical infrastructure, rather they leases from supplier (third person) to avoid capital costs. They consume resources in the service form and pay only the used resources.

One of the most significant indication of using cloud service is to be remote from user manipulation. For example, the responsibility and maintaining of IT assets has been transferred to the cloud service provider. Cloud computing users are able to concentrate on received value as one way of monitoring quality of cloud computing. Cloud computing can do many different workloads at one time.at the forefront of cloud computing is service management. It should allow to lease computational resources to the companies. Also it should manage data very accurately and securely. For example, as power outage is made, cloud computing will administer and manage of changes very reliable and secure.

Cloud advantages:

  • Supporting business agility
  • Time saving
  • Less failure
  • Availability of services
  • In accordance with consumer desires
  • Usable in social networks application
  • Capability with any program

Cloud computing in Future: 

Cloud computing will deploy programs like Office with installed apps. The information will be cheap and easy to access because of developing and easy connecting to networks like  on line encyclopedia and information storage services.

It provides users connection to new social services via social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google + …

Making new application – standard modular based will be easy, like PaaS of Google.

The role of dedicated operating systems is reduced in daily processing and computing. Our quickly and easily connection to the cloud thanks to Google Chrome of Google and Azores of Microsoft.

FAVAMOUJ resolves to provide the most efficient cloud computing services by developing its activities.   

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