Specialized services in ​​network infrastructure:

  • Maintaining varieties of technologies and protocols for switching, routing and wireless networks include technologies TCP/IP & LAN/WAN، WLAN، Campus Network
  • Maintaining Campus Network with Wireless solution as Unified Wireless Network (UWN)
  • Maintaining  Load Balancing & SSL Offloading solutions to create a load balancing of users traffic in servers and in communications between servers of data center

Specialized services in ​​networking:

  • Active Directory Domain Controller, RRAS, VPN, DNS Server, FTP Server, IIS Server, DHCP…

Specialized services in network security:

  • Supporting Identify-Based Network service (IBNS), security solutions, with 802.1x, Mab, PEAP
  • Supporting layer 2 Security includes: IP Source Guard, DAI (Dynamic ARP Inspection), DHCP Snooping, Port Security, SSH, AAA
  • Supporting + Tacacs solutions to control the access of network administrators to network equipment (ACS & Radius, Cisco Secure Access Control Server)
  • Supporting virtual private networks(VPN) using the latest available technologies
  • Supporting data protection and access security solutions using multi- agent authentication as 2FA & OTP for SSLVPN or users accessing to systems and servers using Token software/hardware
  • Supporting Dynamic access policy for different business groups to communicate securely using SSLVPN
  • Supporting detection and countermeasures against network attacks (NIDS/NIPS) with monitoring capabilities
  • Maintaining Admin Auditing solutions
  • Supporting Identity Service Engine in users' communications of LAN, WLAN & VPN, profiling network connected equipment, the possibility of defining policy-based and posturing to apply security policies desired by the organization.

Specialized services of servers' infrastructure:

  • Servers depended technologies include virtual servers maintaining based on Virtualization technologies (network & data center) using ESX Server ….

Specialized services of network monitoring and management tools:

  • Maintaining A variety of network management and monitoring protocols like SLA, Logging, SNMP …
  • Managing UWN wireless networks using WCS (Cisco Wireless Control System) & Cisco       Wireless Location Server
  • Monitoring and exploiting management software and network hardware monitoring based on Commercial and Open source products.
  •  Monitoring and exploiting advanced management and monitoring systems and failure reporting systems of network services Commercial and Open source
  • Monitoring and exploiting Central Log Server with the ability of searching and reporting of recorded events
  • Monitoring and exploiting systems of Monitoring Quality of Service according to IP SLA, RTT, Packet Loss… with possibility of saving and retrieving past information.

Specialized services in WAN technologies and Service Provider:

  • Supporting Cash Server and Proxy Server
  • Transparent supporting Internet Cashing solution in Carrier level
  • Supporting bandwidth management tools to control users' bandwidth and creating different bandwidth control policies for various work groups or based on importance of various used protocols in the network. 
  • Supporting redundancy and network traffic distribution solutions using Load Balancing / Sharing
  • Maintaining and optimizing WAN by using WAN Optimization & Acceleration
  • Maintaining implemented solutions for secure communication WAN

Specialized services of IP Telephony:

  • Supporting IP Telephony systems using Cisco Call manager and Cisco Call manager Express
  • Supporting Unified Communication Solutions
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