Clean Access Solution (ISE)

Todays, organizations require efficient solutions of developed networking security and managing. As clients of different organization use personal equipment in network, it is essential to apply access control system for security and managing. It is also protects equipment against viruses.

One of them is Cisco Identity Services Engine which is identifies all connected clients and COA makes dynamic change in policy along a connection.

Other advantages of ISE include:

  • To check and make security of all networking and communication into an organization.
  • To classify connected equipment in network by using ISE Profiling.

It is notable, ISE profiling check clients' equipment security by posture. That is run an agent on clients.

ISE qualification

  1. AAA Protocol: to use RADIUS standard for clients authentication
  2. Authentication Protocols: to support protocols like PAP, MS, CHAP, EAP and TLS…
  3. Policy Model: to make and support access control policy
  4. Access Control: to create control access mechanism include dACL, Vlan, URL,SGA tagging leveraging ( for cisco set )
  5. Profiling: to classify different sets by using pre-defined patterns or clients created patterns
  6. Guest lifecycle management: to manage access of guest clients for specified time according organization needs by network administrators
  7. Posture: to check state of connected client by Client-Base; it can check upgrading, registers and soft wares
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