UNIFIED COMMUNICATION Solution (Cisco IP phone) voice over IP

In attention to importance of integrated communication of organizations and staffs, FAVAMOUJ offers cisco unified communication as an efficient solution. This solution is optimal in terms of quality and financial for wide- spread networks.

Cisco Unified Communications phone is more than one way to reduce the cost of calls entails, is a strategic investment that brings voice, data, video, security and mobility together in a single.

This solution helps to simplify the critical business processes to achieve unprecedented levels of collaboration, customer response, security, and mobility. The main component of the Cisco Unified Communication solution, is Cisco call manager to present value-added services by integrating with other Cisco and non-Cisco products or (Third-Party)

 Cisco call manager

Cisco call manager is the core product of Cisco Collaboration, its main role is to manage and control calls

The technology, not only provides the initial telephone communication and signal processing, but also various Features such as (Conference, Call Forward, ، ‍ Call Back, Shared Line….) Call Park,

Also it is center of call routing make connection by SCCP, SIP, and MGCP protocol.

In the case of expansion in the mega cluster, its powerful database system has ability to integrating maintenance 80000 Phone.

Also the system can communicate with other IP Telephony systems as SIP and is capable to integrate with other old telephone without IP cards.

Call manager qualification

  • Possibility of VOIP communication between branches of an organization and/or other organization under standard protocols, through the existing network platform, such as Fiber, MAN, WAN, Wireless, MPLS, VSAT is reduced calling costs and investment restoration.
  • Possibility of extension without any additional hard ware.
  • Possibility of Voice over IP connection solution developing on internet and reducing the cost of intercity and international calls.
  • Possibility of PSTN connection ( telecommunication network) through FXO and E1 PRI lines with DID capacity (Direct Invard Dialing), using free capacity of cisco routers and Access servers
  • Redundancy in core system of Call Manager, Ethernet and Voice Gateway causes increasing availability and reliability of IP-Telephony solution
  • To Provide a dedicated web page for each client to personalize phone and personal phone book
  •   Possibility of providing AAA services for clients calls, using Radius Server and activing Radius protocol on Voice Gateway.
  • Possibility of Microsoft Exchange integrating to support Fax-over-IP under T.38 protocol.
  • Srst, possibility of voice-gateway as a backup server in emergency.
  • Possibility of all the above services even out of sites with high security.
  • Possibility of using several clients such as:

Cisco and non-Cisco IP-Phone (SCCP, SIP), Soft Phone, Cisco jabber

Cell phone (mobile) with iOS and Android, wireless IP phones

And, Mobile Dual-mode.

Call manager provides various services and facilities including Unity Connection ، Media Sense, Expressway, Presence, Xmediuse, ، Unified SRST, WebEx Meetings Server and Cisco Jabber.

In following, we introduce some of widely used services of this product.

Unity Connection:

It is used to take advantage of IVR

Media Sense:

It is used to record voice and video conversations as None span.


 It is used to Publish IP Telephony service over the Internet. It provides a secure connection to all VOIP services without having to connect to Vpn from outside the enterprise.


It offers extensive faxing capabilities over IP-based network. Also it cable to share a common inbox, along with email and voicemail.

Cisco contact center:

It provides:

  • Keep and delivery of each contact to the most appropriate line
  • Routing and various services appropriate to meet customer needs and conditions
  • Profile each customer in data base
  • Comprehensive and authentication customers via IVr
  • Integrating or CRM to increase caller satisfaction
  • Automatic calls to inform a specific cluster of customers by using UCCX


Cisco Jabber

It provides instant massage, voice and video calls, click to call, share content, web conference, search the corporate and users directly and file transfer via console (desktop)

It provides a secure connection without having to connect to the corporate network over a VPN for clients that are outside the enterprise.

 Also, in the case of using Webex, all features will be add to client desktop        (console).

FAVA MOUJ, as the only company in Iran, helps client use jabber securely over Expressway.

 Jabber qualification

  •  To simply communication and increase utilization
  • To support mobile (on iOS and Android platforms), tablet, Windows and Mac 
  • To view contact's availability with IM
  • To Connect from Microsoft office
  • Collaborate from wherever and every used desktop
  • To communicate via programs under web
  • To adjust to Microsoft Outlook calendar
  • To display cisco phone status
  • To support Cisco Unified
  • To manage and secure platform

FAVAMOUJ, with many years of experience in the implementation and integration of Unified Communication solutions using Cisco call manager, Successes to implement and support IP network-based call center of large organizations.

WebEx Meetings Server

  • Possibility to use video conference under web via None reverse proxy and reverse proxy service
  • Possibility of video conference under web using various tools (Tablet- pc -smart phone) and Windows, Linux (view only for HQ; no support for HD video), Mac, iOs on iPad
  • Using video codec H264
  • Reducing travel expenditure to attend meetings using online video conferencing (HD 720p (1280x720)  و 360p (640x360) HQ) from anywhere
  • Inviting people to the conference by sending an email
  • Capability to implement on Virtual Machin
  • Increasing individual and team productivity and collaboration
  • Possibility of mobile workers to be more productive and participate in conferences
  • Allocation 64 kbps bandwidth for each Video channel in Thumbnail view
  • Easy and central management of the conference with an administration Dashboard    

All of the following can be used during the conference:

  • Desktop sharing
  • Sharing Application
  • File transfers during the conference
  • Sharing video files with WMV, WMA, WAV, MP3, ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG, MOV, FLV, F4V, QT, and MP4 and WRF format
  • Voice and video conference
  • Sending cluster massage
  • Inviting and signing- in new user to join meeting during the conference
  • Possibility of voice conference using desktop phone  





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