Shell- Control Box (SCB)

All organizations need a comprehensive solution to resolve the risks of various access due to the growing availability of remote access and extensive Cloud solutions as well as the inability of managers to control all admin activities. In this case FAVAMOUJ introduces Shell Control Box (SCB).
Balabit Shell Control Box (SCB) controls admin activities in Auditor layer without any malicious actions.
SCB as a quickly deployable enterprise, is a user monitoring appliance that controls privileged access to remote IT systems, records activities in searchable, movie-like audit trails, and prevents malicious actions.
For example, SCB is recorded the activities if the system administers are changing the information of database servers through SSH protocol or Thin Client transaction or VM Ware View protocol.
SCB Application:
-Monitoring and controlling the performance of large organizations and recording their management activities
-Monitoring activities of contractor companies in organization network
-Collection available information of judicial authorities
-Helping CERT & CSIRT
-Monitoring SLA
-Monitoring Cloud Computing of network
-Prevention and controlling of Thin Client
SCB Advantages:
•Independent and out of box performance
•Controlling SSH,Telnet, RDP protocol
•High quality auditing & monitoring ( may be forensics)
•Monitoring and Real-time prevention of malicious activities
•Excellent protection of audition trailer content
•Upstream audition
•Low volume storage and archive capability
•Indexing recorded sessions
•4-eyes authorization

FAVAMOUJ has partnership with Balabit Company and certification of security maturity level of ITO (Information Technology Organization) .This Company has implemented this solution in different companies and organizations as follow:
-Iran cell Company
-Telecommunication Infrastructure Company
-Ports and Maritime Organization
-Tehran municipality
-Ayandeh Bank
-First Quality Company


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