FAVA MOUJ concentrates on engineering telecommunication services and expert commercial.

Its features contain expert team, high- powered organization, utilizing proper facilities, focus on applied research and attention to customers' needs and contentedness.

FAVA MOUJ is based on remarkable activities such as networking and telecommunication, management and security, UC, services and connections software.

As reliable and expert consoler, FAVA MOUJ offers essential solutions like

audition, clean access solution, new generation Firewall,IOT,Big Data, Cloud Computing, IP phone (VOIP), web conference and UC, cashing for ISP, double agent authentication and data center solutions.



According to researches about customers' needs, the main purposes are as the following:

  • To provide excellent engineering services of telecommunication and networking
  • To provide new telecommunication solutions
  • To provide equipment and execute related projects across the whole nations
  • To provide superior virtual services with added value



  1. Telecommunication and data infrastructure
  2. Managing and security of Telecommunication and data
  3. IP phone and UC
  4. Physical infrastructure and ICT data centers
  5. Providing cashing for huge operations and providers
  6. Providing integrated services and soft wares


About FavaMouj

FavaMouj Company (PJS) in providing IT services and communications data network is active.FavaMouj experienced team over the years in numerous national projects in the country has an effective role. FavaMouj mainstream over the years to provide engineering services professional business, And focus on centric research and development has been based on market needs and customer.

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