Virtual Desktop infrastructure (VDI)
One of the main problem of big organizations is managing inside computer resources, costs of software and hardware supporting, replacing worn out hardware and unmethodical power consumption. In recent years, with the advent of virtualization technology it has been possible to use low-cost hardware called Thin Client for using virtual desktops.
Virtualization of desktops is a method for the full and optimal use of the hardware of the organization. In this way, you can connect to a virtual desktop using a simple hardware called Thin Client that does not have an operating system. It is a simple hardware interface.
In the virtualization solution, a large number of virtual desktops are provided by a server.
Active Directory allows you to centrally manage desktops and control what is being installed and used on the desktops. In the event of a problem you can roll out a new OS quickly. Therefore the speed of troubleshooting will increase dramatically. Also always- available is the positive point of it. With VDI, organizations achieve greater security. Data and images are stored in the datacenter. As a result, even if the device is stolen, the information is still protected.
Main VDI Characteristics
• Management
Admin can manage hundreds of users very simply. So performance of IT key process such as Connection Brokering, Policy Enforcement, Performance Monitoring & application Assignment will be increased. Greater security is achieved by data transferring and optimize anti-virus performance.
•Cost reduction
More work, less cost. Concentration on VDI lead to save 50% of the current cost for IT administrators to manage, patch, upgrade and supporting. It also decrease Helpdesk workload and downtime.
•Host Desktop
VDI allows users to access their virtual desktops and applications from anywhere, on any device at any time. By using RDP & PCOIP, users can access to desktop and over LAN/WAM. They also can use Thin Client, Mobile and Zero Client to access to desktop.
Computer graphic artists and even animators can use this solution with ease. Also experts who provide integrated communications services or Service Continuity can take advantage of this solution.  

FAVAMOUJ is proud to implementation of the desktop virtualization solution in various projects and allows its customer to reduce their operational costs and take advantage of the many benefits of this solution such as integrated management speed of modification and fixing bugs.







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