FAVAMOUJ Comprehensive Solution of IOT
IOT is a new concept and modern technology that feature an IP address for internet all things connectively and the ability to transfer data over a network via mobile phone, computer or tablet.in this case any object with unique identifier connects to network.
IOT allows smart devices connect to each other to automate simple tasks and perform better by exchanging information.
IOT can be used in different fields like smart water, smart energy, smart transport, smart building and smart people.
Advantages of IOT

-Monitoring and managing object from anywhere
-Reduction hardware costs by transmission technologies of a network and managing data and applications in any time
-Easy expansion
Industrial Internet of Things
Industrial Internet of Things or (IIOT) is one of the most important and widely used field of IOT. IIOT means the application of the IOT to the manufacturing industry. The IIOT can greatly improve connectivity, efficiency, scalability, and time savings for industrial organizations.
 The IIOT is widely considered to be one of the 4 main technologies affecting industrial automation today and in the future. According to forecasts, value of this technology will reach over $ 319 billion, the significant figure, by 2020 with presence of large and active automation companies.  
IOT in Oil and Gas Industry
The benefits of IOT in oil and gas industry are:
-Increasing demand for natural gas
-Reducing conventional oil and gas reserves
-Increasing international trade rates in energy
-Advanced refinement techniques
-Advanced  modular Management Systems 







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