FVAMOUJ provides Big Data Solutions:
Big Data is using to refer to storage and analysis of huge volume of data by Google and NASA. Nowadays it is refer to big data sets that are too bulky and huge to manage with traditional tools and databases. The main problem is collection, storage, searching, sharing, analysis and display of data. The reason for attractiveness of this topic is doing advanced analysis for business, medical and security purposes by using analysis of large volume of data and finally gain better results. Most of these required analyses of big data processing are used by scientists of meteorology, genetics, complex physics simulation, biology and environmental research, internet searching, economic, financial and commercial analysis.
Generally volume of stored data in Big Data are increasing rapidly due to production and collection of data of large sets of different equipment like mobile, environmental sensors, various software log, cameras, microphones, wireless sensor network detection devices etc.
Big Data Challenges:
-Display of data

Big Data Application:
This field requires many specialists, so large companies like Oracle، IBM، Microsoft، SAP… have invested more than $ 15 billion in development of management software and data analysis.
Big Data influences how organization and individuals work and pushes It managers to use data in their works/business. As a result all managers and employees can make better decision, have a close relation with customers, optimize their activities, deal with threats and ultimately, they focus their capital on new resource of data with hidden profits. The organizations need new architecture, tools and Continuous activities and efforts to take advantages of big data.
The importance of Big Data causes FAVAMOUJ Company creates new structure and methodology and approaches for managing, controlling and processing this volume of data.


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