Internet caching

The best internet caching solution for providers of Internet and Telecommunication provinces:

One of the major concern of Iranian users is high cost of internet. The reason is ISP companies are suffering high cost of bandwidth purchased. Bandwidth Saving can be a good solution. Caching tries to store HTTP traffic, decrease network traffic and diminishes network congestion.

BlueCoat Company as the pioneer of web caching has more than 15 years of experience in web caching and HTTP & Proxy Affiliate Technologies created Cache Flow system in 1996.

New cache Flow is used in carrier with huge traffic and users. In fact, caching helps providers to cope with challenges of multimedia content (usually occupy much bandwidth) by reducing transferring costs, saving bandwidth and improving their users experience.

Main advantages:

  • Saving 40 -55% bandwidth (decreasing network traffic)
  • 20 dedicated patents along 15 years' experience
  • Transparent Caching
  • Supporting real time OS and optimized system files
  • Avoiding stale caching
  • Observing copyright of DMCA
  • Authentication
  • Lack of customizing in Medium to Enterprise by user of carrier Grade
  • Performance guaranty in any web changes before upgrading of operating system
  • Supporting web 2.0 and large file transferring like file-sharing and video sites and finally providing better user experience
  • Designing for high performance and extensibility in carrier networks
  • Management and web traffic reporting in order to assess system capacity


FAVAMOUJ has provided the best services for internet provided companies due to having extensive experiences in networking, communication and project implementation. By providing Blue coat solution, this company has reduced bandwidth cost significantly so that all the costs were refunded after at least a year.       


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